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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

023/2013 – The pipe (?)

Just like another collected two years ago in Late Neolithic ditch 6 (still unpublished), an object that can be interpreted as a pipe was recorded almost at the bottom of Late Neolithic ditch 8.
Tal como outro recolhido há dois anos no fosso 6 do Neolítico Final (ainda inédito), um objecto que pode ser interpretado como um cachimbo foi registado quase na base do fosso 8 igualmente do Neolítico Final.
It looks like a deep spoon, but the small handle is hollow.

Parece uma colher funda, mas o cabo é perfurado.


  1. Maybe a spoon with a hollow handle?

  2. The hollow goes from side to side, the handle is broken (was bigger) and after cleaning we could see that the inside is burned and with some ashes. This is the data. Now interpretations are free. For our part, we will try to see what those ashes are.