Excavations 2018

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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

034/2013 - News

In ditch 7 the negative structure in the wall is a previous pit that was cut by the ditch. It will provide a a chronological limit for the opening of the ditch.

No fosso 7 a estrutura negativa é prévia e foi cortada pelo fosso. Permitirá obter um limite cronológico para a abertura do fosso.

In pit 40, the cremations one, two anatomical conections were recorded with bones not burned, just in the middle of the cremated ones.

Na fossa 40, a das cremações, apareceram duas conexões de ossos não queimados, no meio das cinzas e dos ossos cremados.



  1. Well, bones are also organic. And by the color of those I would say they still have plenty of collagen.