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Friday, 8 August 2014

067 – New feature type

In sector Q a new type of feature, previously unknown in Perdigões, was recorded this year.

At the NW of survey 1 we have an overlapping of several structures. After some Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic pits, a large and apparently circular structure, with a depth of 30/40 cm, was excavated in the bedrock, cutting the previous features. Inside, at one meter from that cutting interface and running parallel to it, there was a narrow ditch. With a circular shape, it was defined in a quarter of a circle (also cutting previous structures), suggesting a structure with 8 m of diameter. Inside the ditch there were stones that might been used to sustained post.

It is soon to interpret this structure, but, being partially excavated in the bedrock, it seems to be a positive feature. Maybe a hut or maybe a small enclosed space of a different nature. Next year we will enlarge the survey in this area, for this is an important structure to understand in Perdigões.

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