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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

0143 - Finishing the section in Ditch 11

A section in Ditch 11 was initiated last campaign with the goal of establishing its chronology and characterize its filling process in this point. It was possible to identify a first sequence of the filling at the top meter of the ditch and a later re-cutting. Both phases are from Late Neolithic, with the older one already dated by radiocarbon. This circumstance shows that Perdigões was already a large ditched enclosure in the Late Neolithic (second half of the 4th millennium), contradicting the idea that only in the Late Chalcolithic the site would have reached a large enclosed area, following a trajectory from small to large.

In the 2016 we hope to finish this section and establish the chronology of the beginning of the filling of the ditch and characterize the nature of its initial deposits.

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