Excavations 2018

This is a temporary blog for presenting the excavations of 2018 at Perdigões. Posts from 2011 to 2017 are still available.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

0193 - Pots

Continuing the excavation of the mass of bones, pottery and blades.

Today was a day of pots. Here are some complete in the mass of fragments. And note how a complete pot was covered by the geologic in a reverse stratigraphy. That is a result of the ploughing.

 And one of the pots came out today. And underneath several others appeared (but that is for future pots).

 For now, have a look of the copper tool: a saw.


  1. AC,
    E este fosso? alguma ideia do periodo? A serra em cobre será campaniforme ou alguma esperança de ser anterior?

  2. Não é um fosso. Será uma fossa funerária. A serra poderá ser da primeira metade do 3º milénio AC. Mas só mais à frente teremos informação cronológica mais sustentada.