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Sunday, 13 July 2014

046 – A complex process of depositions.

A complex stratigraphy is revealing in a complex process of depositions in Pit 40. It is now clear that after previous depositions of cremated remains (left in the picture), an irregular depression was excavated in the western part of Pit 40. In that depression were deposited, over a layer apparently with no bones, parts of human bodies in partial anatomical connection. Then, these connections were covered by layers with an enormous density of cremated remains in sediments with ashes and votive materials (ivory, bone, limestone and marble idols, beads, arrow heads). And other interferences in the previous deposits were also identified.

It is now possible to identify several moments of depositions of human cremated remains in this pit, showing that this context was not a result of a single episode of deposition.
But we still do not know how deep is the pit and how many more surprises are there waiting for us.

Tomorrow, with a larger team, we will start to work other contexts.

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