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Thursday, 24 July 2014

052 – A busy day

Today we had a visit of local children. 80 of them. It was children’s open day at Perdigões. We must not forget to whom we are working for and that that the interest for heritage is not something that is in the air: you have to work it.

As to the excavation, things are in progress in several areas. But pit 40 had some interesting developments.

After excavating the layer with no cremated bones, we reach the bottom of the pit. But there we could see de continuation of the Late Neolithic ditch 5, that was cut by the pit.  Because this pit was not deep enough, the bottom part of the ditch was preserved. You can easily see the continuation of the ditch behind the pit.

But at the bottom of pit 40 it was also possible to detect a semi circular small ditch that was previous to it.

Finally, two post pits were detected in the centre of pit 40, They are still ion excavation, but are filled with ashes and cremated remains, showing that the pit had a roof while it was in use for the deposition of the cremated remains. It was not just pit reused for these depositions. It seems to have been a “tomb”, regularly used and protected by a roof.  


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