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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

070 - 18th campaign

Areas already surveyed in Perdigões with indication of the sectors that will be worked during 2015
 Next Monday the 2015 campaign of archaeological excavations will start at Perdigões. We will be working in several areas.

The Era-Nia team will continue the work in sector Q, P and O and will initiate a new survey in Sector H. At Sector Q, the excavation of a possible circular hut and some pits will continue. At Sector P we will finish the section in Ditch 7. At Sector O the section in Ditch 10 will continue as well as some pits. In the Western part of the enclosure, a section in Ditch 11 will be initiated. There is great curiosity about the chronology of this ditch. It is a ditch that defines a large enclosure, that is previous to the two large outside ditches (ditches 1 and 2) and that is partially overlapped by Ditch 1.

Finally, in Sector L, the Málaga University team, that collaborates in the Global Program of Archaeological Research of Perdigões, will be removing and studying the large stelae that was discovered in front of Gate 1. For this they will have the collaboration of Primitiva Bueno and Rodrigo Balbin from the university of Alcalá de Henares. They will also initiate a section in Ditch 2.

As usually, you may follow here the results of the campaigns work on a daily bases, starting Monday 13 with a shorter team during a week to prepare the several areas.  

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