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Monday, 27 July 2015

85 – Day 15

Today was the beginning of the third week (second of the larger team). The moment of the morning was the finding of human bones mixed with faunal remains, pottery shards and small stones in ditch 7. After ditches 3 and 4 (see published paper), now is ditch 7 to present human remains in a same similar context: a context where they are one more element to build the context meaning.

The bones correspond to two skull fragments, separated by a meter or so. One was already removed and it is a frontal skull bone, possibly of a female (opinion of our anthropologist in the team). The other is still in place and is burned.
Location of the first fragment (the one of the previous picture)

The second one, burned.

If you are interested in this topic (scattered human bones in ditches) I suggest the paper on ditch 3 and 4 of Perdigões (in Portuguese) here: http://www.academia.edu/498082/OSSOS_HUMANOS_PROVENIENTES_DOS_FOSSOS_3_E_4_E_GEST%C3%83O_DA_MORTE_NOS_PERDIG%C3%95ES

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