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Monday, 8 May 2017

0192 - Green Day

No, it’s not the band. It was a green day at Perdigões.
It is known that Perdigões has a strong connection to Sporting Lisbon. The grandfather of the owner of the farm was one of the founders of the club. The owner was president of the club and won the last two championship of Sporting. Era team is a bunch of supporters of Sporting Lisbon. In 2009, while excavating in the center of the enclosure, a watch with the club symbol was found, showing, behind any doubt, that this is the oldest club in Portugal and surroundings.
Well, last Sunday Sporting Lisbon lost against some guys dressed in blue. And Perdigões cheered us up with a green day (the colors of Sporting).

Of course, the stone blades continue to appear, but now green.

And the first bead, naturally green.

And the last, but not the least, a green copper blade.

Copper artifacts are rare in funerary contexts at Perdigões. But today was a compensation day. 

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