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Sunday, 2 August 2015

091 – Day 21

Today is resting day and also team shift. In the past two weeks, most of the goals were achieved.

In sector H, the excavation of ditch 11 is a hard task, since the layers are very clayish and dry, hard to excavate. But the results show now, behind doubts, that the top layers of the filling date from Late Neolithic. So Perdigões was a large enclosure since that period (please, quote properly if you use this information. It is becoming a habit to forget it). This is a result extremely important for the interpretation of this site and for the emergence of the enclosures phenomena in Southwest Iberia.

More to the center, in sector P, dicht 7 is getting deeper and providing human remains mixed with animal ones. We should have already reached the bottom according to plan, but the sequence of deposition makes the excavation slower. As in ditch 11, we will continue to excavate it,

In sector Q the circular structure that opens to east is now almost totally exposed. Its excavation and the excavation of some pits will continue next week. The same with the definition of the stone structures in the enlarged area of this sector.

Finally we will continue the excavation of ditch 10 section in sector O, initiated last year. Lots of work to do in the coming days. Hope the results are as good as the ones obtained so far.

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