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Monday, 9 July 2018

0270 - Mais postes na "avenida" / More posts in the "avenue"

Mais dois grandes buracos de poste aparecerem no limite do corte calcolítico no geológico da área central,  junto aos dois identificados nas campanhas anteriores. Parecem ter uma equidestância regular (cerca de 80 cm).

Two other large post holes were identified in the edge of the Chalcolithic cut in the geologic at the central area. They are close to the two identified in previous campaigns. They seem to be equidistant  (about 80cm).

Four of the post holes

Mas quando se escavavam os os novos outro apareceu, com a mesma equidistância. A "avenida" de buracos de poste está cada vez mais interessante.

But when we were excavating the new ones another one appeared, with the same equidistant. The "avenue" of post holes is getting more interesting.

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